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WMF Flexi Whisk 27 cm Profi Plus

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 WMF Flexi Whisk 27 cm Profi Plus
The flexi whisk is the innovation among the whisks. Due to the many vibrating balls much more air is able to circulate in the mixture resulting in guaranteed no lumps.

Mixing soups or beating creams are successful in a jiffy due to the separate vibration of each ball. The wires reach into the corners of pots and bowls and due to the big whisking surface nothing can stick to the bottom of the pot. Nothing clings between the wires so that the flexi whisk is easy to clean and hygienic.

There are over 100 different kitchen gadgets in “Profi Plus” which meet even the highest requirements of professional chefs. This heavy design in high quality Cromargan, 18/10 stainless steel is absolutely stable and durable, watertight, suitable for dishwashers – just indestructible. The design which is both sophisticated and timeless fits into every modern kitchen.


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